Forensic Foundations are experts in the design and delivery of professional workshops. Workshops are tailored to the needs and experience of the participants - no two workshops are identical. Examples of workshops conducted by Forensic Foundations include:

  • Provision of Expert Evidence
  • An Introduction to the Australian Legal System and the Provision of Evidence
  • Expert Witness Training
  • Introduction to the Australian Legal System, Quality Management and the Provision of Expert Evidence
  • Withstanding Legal Scrutiny of your Analytical testing
  • From Collection to Court
  • Quality Management and the Legal Process
  • Statistics for DNA Paternity / Kinship Testing
  • Introduction to Statistics for Forensic Science
  • DNA for Legal Practitioners

Workshops can be delivered:

  • In-house or at a central facility
  • Assessed or non assessed
  • To small groups, professional organisations, universities, tertiary institutes and schools or community groups
  • As half day or full day workshops, multi day workshops or over a block period

For more information regarding any of these workshops or to discuss your needs please contact us.