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The reception of expert evidence is governed by statute (created by parliament), delegated legislation (also known as statutory rules, subordinate legislation or legislative instruments created by the Courts and authorised by statute) and court practice directions or guides.

These are updated on a regular basis, therefore including a link to each of these documents in this tute and maintaining currency of all of them would be an endless task. Forensic Foundations has therefore decided to maintain links to the current documents in one central repository and then point all Forensic Foundations workshop, tutes and other materials to this one central repository.


Family Law Rules Part 15.5 Expert Evidence




Western Australia

South Australia


Australian Capital Territory

  • Court Procedure Rules 2006 (ACT)
    • Chapter 2 Part 2.12 Expert evidence
    • Chapter 4, Part 4.1 Division 4.1.1 r4000 Criminal Proceedings – application of expert witness code of conduct
    • Schedule 1 Expert Witness Code of Conduct

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