Proficiency Testing

Forensic Foundations’ Proficiency Tests are designed to address the following issues:

  • Relevance to forensic science laboratories;
  • Limitation of any potential context information;
  • Knowledge of the ‘ground truth’ of the samples;
  • Importance of consistency between tests; and
  • Cost affordability for the laboratories.

An additional feature of the Forensic Foundations’ Challenge Tests is that they test the end-to-end forensic examination process. The AS 5388 Forensic Analysis series of Standards describes the forensic examination process from collection to reporting. These were used as the basis of the development of the Forensic Foundations’ Challenge Tests. Thus, all Forensic Foundations’ Challenge Tests commence with item collection and/or receipt and all the subsequent examination / analysis steps, culminating in the reporting, thus reflecting actual forensic casework.

This approach is consistent with that recommended by NATA (NATA (2015) Forensic Science ISO/IEC 17025 Application Document) and ANZPAA|NIFS. (ANZPAA (2016) A Guideline to Forensic Fundamentals). 

Test can be purchased in a number of forms:

  • As a single Proficiency Test;
  • As additional tests in conjunction with the original Proficiency Test; and/or
  • As a Training Kit

2018 Program

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