Errors and Forensic Science

Errors in forensic science are not new. We can all cite miscarriages of justice in which forensic science has been involved to a greater or lesser extent. Error rates, validity and reliability are subject to much current discussion. But is … Continue reading

Forensic Foundations’ Quality System

Forensic Foundations has established a robust quality management program to ensure that we consistently deliver flexible fit-for-purpose forensic programs to our clients, aligned to our Quality Policy. Forensic Foundations’ Quality Policy The Management and Staff of Forensic Foundations are committed … Continue reading

Driving and the Expert Witness – Skilled and Dangerous Tasks

Do you remember when you were learning to drive?  Or teaching someone else to drive?  I remember bunny-hopping around a deserted car park, much to the frustration of my father, who was trying to teach me to change gears by double declutching! … Continue reading

Ten Tips When Testifying

This is an abbreviated version of a presentation made at a SANS Training Event in May 2015. Many professionals are apprehensive when they are required to conduct an examination or analysis for a legal purpose, to write a legal report … Continue reading

Forensic Sciences or Forensic Science

This is an article from our April 2015 newsletter: I am a late convert to the idea that Forensic Science is a discipline in its own right. There have been a number of practitioners and academics promoting this view for … Continue reading


This is an article from our December 2014 newsletter: Last week saw the last trip of the year, so I am leaving the skies to reindeer, sleighs and men in red suits. However, when I reflect on how easy it … Continue reading

Forensic Science and Expert Evidence in the Justice Systems

This is an article from our November 2014 newsletter: The National (USA) Commission on Forensic Science have released a number of draft ‘work products’ including: Draft Policy Recommendation on Universal Accreditation; and Draft Policy Recommendation on Expert Testimony. On the 14th October, … Continue reading

DNA Discoveries

This is an article from our September 2014 newsletter: This month, 30 years ago (1984), Alec Jeffreys (now Sir Alec Jeffreys) identified differences in the DNA between members of his technician’s family. This unplanned-for discovery changed the forensic science and … Continue reading

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Forensic Science

This is an article from our August 2014 newsletter: August has been a great month for the good, the bad, and the ugly of Forensic Science and pseudo science in the media. Firstly, the High Court handed down two judgments … Continue reading

Lifelong Learning

This is an article from our August 2014 newsletter:  Recently I have been reflecting on the importance of ongoing training – Lifelong learning is the correct term, I believe. Along with my Forensic Foundations work, I have the privilege of … Continue reading