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Specialists in providing workshops and resources for:
  • Experts working in the legal system; and
  • Legal Practitioners working with Experts.
Forensic Foundations
Forensic Programs

A solid foundation

The taller a building, the larger and deeper the foundations need to be. We have taken this concept and applied it to those of us working in the forensic domain. What is seen above the surface needs to be underpinned by fit-for-purpose training and appropriate quality management. Hence the Forensic Foundations catch line:  ‘Building evidence on strong foundations.’ See more

Thank you ever so much to you and Anna for all the arrangements around the course.

Everything was arranged faultlessly, and the course was exceptionally valuable.


Photo Gallery

Kangaroo Harbour 2016Anya Aidman & Anna Davey following a successful Expert Witness Training workshopVIP Open Gallery

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What's on offer

Download our brochure which outlines the range of face-to-face and on-line workshops we have on offer. Remember that the ones listed here are only a starting point. Each workshop is specifically tailored for the client.

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